Your Wish Is Our Concert

This concert took place on May 29th,  2015.


“[Erin Cooper-Gay’s] singing is well endowed with a seductively warm, lyric quality” – Cleveland Classical

“Calm and precise, [Lutek] executes, and sometimes tears the ground out from under our feet.” – The Live Music Report

“…incredible imagination, musicianship and energy…” – Grand Philharmonic Choir 

This is truly your concert. We believe music should connect with the world around us, and in that spirit we want you to decide what we should write music about. Submit your ideas, and let the online community vote for the best. Expect an eclectic, topical, and delightful evening!

A stellar ensemble fronted by Soprano Erin Cooper-Gay (TSO), joined by percussionists Jamie Drake and Daniel Morphy (TorQ), and improvising multi-instrumentalist Peter Lutek together offer a plethora of unique sonic possibilities for this exciting season finale.

Erin Cooper Gay, voice & french horn
Peter Lutek, woodwinds
Jamie Drake, percussion
Dan Morphy, percussion

The votes are in! We’ll be writing about…

  • a late night conversation – the kind where you’re actually honest: submitted by Aziza Mohammed, director of Salon West; composer: Chelsea McBride
  • fear: submitted by Jay Vazquez; composer: Jesse Dietschi
  • missed connections: submitted by Cory Latkovich & Phillip Morgan; composer: Ben Dietschi
  • my friend has just been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease – we need to accept, grieve, support and still find joy: submitted by Audrey Stewart; composer: 2015 New Voices Composer in Residence Ben McCarroll-Butler
  • the feeling of coming home after a long time away: submitted by Sarah Ranlett; composer: Jeff LaRochelle
  • the frustration of being in stop and go traffic: submitted by Anne Wilcox; composer: Shannon Graham
  • the northern lights: submitted by deary music’s Itir Dumlu; composer: Kyle Brenders

Lead Producer: Jesse Dietschi