The World Through Frames Without Lenses

This concert took place December 12th 2013


Whether you avoid or self-identify as a hipster, you’re going to love this chance to poke fun at all things plaid. Teeming with irony, indifference, and questionable fashion, we step through to the other side of the cultural looking glass in a parody of generation Y. Through poignant musical commentaries on fashion trends, Internet memes, and other absurdly common cultural phenomena, Spectrum turns a dusty mirror on Millennials.

We’ve assembled a horde of talented and trendy composers from Toronto to probe the peculiarities of pop culture through a series of musical vignettes (so that you have time in between to tweet, post, eat chips…or just space out). Be warned: From “Gangham Style” to “LOL Cats”, no area of our collective consciousness is off limits.

The program features two pieces by Shannon Graham: “Shit Girls Say”, a commentary on the representation of twenty-something women in pop culture versus Canadian literature with text sources ranging from tweets to Margaret Atwood, and “Seeing the World Through Frames Without Lenses”, a new collaboration with emerging Toronto writer Victoria Hetherington featuring a series of ironic odes paying tribute to ridiculous fashion trends.


Maya Killtron, voice
Anna Atkinson, violin
Andrew Downing, cello
Ted Quinlan, guitar
Jesse Dietschi, bass
Mackenzie Longpre, drums

Featuring Works by Spectrum Composers:

Shannon Graham “Shit Girls Say”
Victoria Hetherington (words), Shannon Graham (music) “The World Through Frames Without Lenses”
Jesse Dietschi
Heather Segger

And Guest Composers:

Michael Davidson
Rebecca Hennessy
Tyson Kerr
Jeff LaRochelle
Mack Longpre

Conceived by Shannon Graham.

Adult/General $15.00
Students/Seniors/Arts Workers $10.00