Early Expressions

This concert took place on April 17 17th 2014


Contemporary musical interpretations of early human art

Spectrum takes you on a journey to the first artistic expressions of our ancestors. Inspired by an unexpected sense of connectivity with these ancient works, the Spectrum composers discover deeply rooted common threads in human creativity.

Internationally acclaimed pianist David Braid, performs his piano quintet “Chauvet”, a musical description of the descent into the famed Chauvet Cave. Described by some as the greatest discovery in the history of human culture, the Chauvet Cave had been sealed and preserved for thousands of years, and it now offers a stunning glance into artwork of 20, 000 to 32, 000 years ago. NYC-based pianist Florian Hoefner premieres four new works inspired by ancient art. Both pianists are joined by the Ton Beau String Quartet, a Toronto favourite for interpreting new works.

Punctuated by stunning projections, the program invites a sense of wonder and belonging. What does this early artwork mean about humans as a species? Does this artwork have relevance to our present-day culture? Is art an inherently natural instinct or a cultural construct?

Join us as we explore the beginnings of human artistry through a modern lens.

Come early at 7:30pm for a free pre-concert chat from our special guest:
Archaeologist Sarah Ranlett, tells us about her field work in France, challenges our preconceptions and shines a modern lens on ancient art.

Featuring Works by Spectrum & Guest Composers:
David BraidChauvet, Joya, Prelude, Red Hero, Semi, Spirit Dance
Dan Jamieson, Obelisk on the River Nile
Caitlin SmithWie Schoen
Nick LavkulikHand Prints
Ben DietschiEarth Mother

David Braid, piano
Florian Hoefner, piano
The Ton Beau String Quartet
Jesse Dietschi, double bass

Adult/General $12.00 advance, $15.00 at the door
Students/Seniors/Arts Workers $8.00 advance, $10.00 at the door

Watch this clip from the awe-inspiring Werner Herzog documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams.
Stunning visuals are accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack.